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The sources of the OpenCms-maven project can be found at https://github.com/comundus. There you will find the following folders:

  • vfs-maven-plugin: contains the Maven Mojos of the VFS-Plugin. These Mojos are rather lightweight and delegate the main work to the following opencms-comundus implementation.
  • opencms-basic: this is a basic Maven project setup that builds and deploys an OpenCms installation.
  • opencms-comundus (obsolete since OpenCms 7.5): this is a special distribution of OpenCms that contains customizations and extensions to enable the collaboration with maven. The package com.comundus.opencms contains the main functionality called by the Maven Mojos. Since OpenCms 7.5 this project is no longer necessary. The maven-vfs-plugin for version 7.5 uses the original opencms.jar.

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Kai Schliemann Product manager OpenCms
Mail: k.schliemann@comundus.com Phone: +49 7151 96528-0